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Memo-Roc is a company that Celebrates Life in A New Way in the Monument Industry.  How?  By offering PEACE OF MIND.  Check out our Products and Services that we offer below.  And don’t forget our flagship product Memo-Roc Device!  The Memo-Roc device is an interactive digital screen that plays a custom memorial tribute video that is placed on to the headstone in one of three different ways. The tributes that our Memo-Roc device offer are powered by the sun and ready to honor your loved ones through the use of your precious pictures and videos.  Be sure to get your Locked In Rate Today!


Top mounts are perfect for headstones with a detailed design because they will not interfere with the etched artwork. The device will be securely mounted to the top of the headstone.  Top mounts may also be added to pre-existing headstones.


An inserted mount is inserted when the headstone is being designed. A recessed space is created so that the front of the screen is flushed with the face of the headstone. Inserted mounts may also be added to pre-existing headstones.


If the headstone does not have a lot of etching, a face-mounted device has a very clean look. This is also the most economical option for pre-existing headstones.


About Memo-Roc


Traditionally headstones identify basic information about the deceased. Even with their size, ornately engraved, and polished to a sleek finish, they tell very little of the story of those buried below. Memo-Roc offers 5, 10 and 15 minute video options for you to choose your most memorable photos or videos of your loved one to be on display. Your chosen photos or videos are able to be changed or updated at any time by contacting your Memo-Roc seller.

We pride ourselves in making the accommodation and pre-planning process simple. Our all-inclusive Burial Assistance Plan including premium to the most economical vaults, markers, and headstones enhanced flourished with one of our custom manufactured Memo-Roc displays. The best part is when you choose one of our plans your rates are locked-in for life.

Our goal is to build upon the traditional sense of having a permanent place for the remembrance of the deceased, by showing the world the life of that loved one in a memorable way. Watching a memorial tribute video on a headstone, while at a loved one‘s eternal resting place, provides a way to connect to the past, reflect on the present, and heal through the future. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.


“I had always wanted to have a memorial tribute video for my brother. He lit up the room when he entered and always made everyone laugh. Memo-Roc’s production team put together an awesome video that reflects the type of person he was.”


“When my mother died a few years ago I wanted to do something different to celebrate her life. Watching her tribute video while at her grave gives an incredible sense of connection…and comfort. Memo-Roc provides something special.”


“I live close enough to my son’s grave that I can visit it on a regular basis. Having a Memo-Roc player on his gravestone truly makes it feel like we are watching his video together.”

Cindy Y – Sacramento, CA

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Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts.  Celebrating the lives of those no longer with us.