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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I expect my Memo-Roc from the time I place my order?

Once a customer places their order with their local monument business for the device, they will receive an email to start the process of uploading their photos and videos. When they have completed this process, it will take approximately 10-12 weeks for the Memo-Roc to be sent to their local monument business for installation. This time frame coincides with the length of time it takes for the headstone to be ordered and sent to the monument business.

Is there a warranty on Memo-Roc's digital headstones?

Yes, it does come with an unconditional one-year warranty, no questions asked. We will replace it if we cannot fix it. We also offer a 5-year renewable warranty which means that the customer has the option to continue renewing the coverage every 5 years at a discounted price.

Who do I need to contact to get support?

Please contact Jesse Lapp at memo-roc_production@jareda31.sg-host.com for technical support or, if you have more questions about our product, please contact our corporate office at sales@jareda31.sg-host.com.

Are the digital headstones waterproof?

Yes, our device is waterproof. It has IP65 technology that contains the same components used globally in marine speakers that are used in pools and waterparks.

Does Memo- Roc digital headstones come in different colors?

At present, no. The marketing team evaluated the three most popular colors of headstones, and the black blended and looked the best when used. We will continue to monitor industry trends, and may offer different color choices in the future.

Are Memo-Roc's headstones made in America?

Memo-Roc is manufactured in America. 95% of Memo-Roc’s components are made in America as well, with the only exception being the screen.

How many photos and/or video clips can I upload for each song?

Once you have purchased your Memo-Roc device, you will be guided on how much content to upload.


How do Memo-Rocs mount to the headstone?

There are three different ways to mount a Memo-Roc.

1) Top mount – If the front of your tombstone is highly decorated and engraved, there may not be enough room to mount the Memo-Roc. In this case we offer a top mount that allows the device to securely sit on top of the headstone.

2) Face Mount – The most economical option for a pre-existing headstone would be our face mount. The Memo-Roc would be securely mounted to face of the headstone. This option has a very clean look once installed.

3) Inserted – The inserted mount has a recessed space which is crafted by your monument dealership for the Memo-Roc device to fit securely inside. The front of the screen will be flush with the face of the headstone, giving you a polished look.

How does someone watch the memorial tribute video?

It is very straight forward. There is only 1 button on the Memo-Roc device. Simply push the button, and in about 7 seconds the video will automatically start playing. Once the video has finished, the device will automatically power off. If you would like to watch the video again, simply push the button.

How are the Memo-Roc's digital headstones powered?

The Memo-Roc device is powered by an internal battery that is constantly charged by a separately mounted solar panel.

Join us in helping tell the story of those who are no longer with us.

Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts.  Celebrating the lives of those no longer with us.