Where Can I Find Memo-Roc For Purchase?

Your local memorial and monument provider should have our digital headstones on display for you to view and interact with before purchase. You can examine the high-quality build of the Memo-Roc and test its operational features. Video memorial tributes are quickly becoming the most modern way to pay respect to memories of your loved one. If your nearest provider doesn’t have Memo-Roc, you can check out our demo videos to better understand what Memo-Roc adds to headstones and memorials.

Don’t worry if your nearest location does not carry Memo-Roc yet. We will be happy to have a salesperson contact them immediately. In the meantime, if you need service right away, we will be sure you get what you need. Please contact us with the name of the location and address, and we’ll take it from there!


As you will find, Memo-Roc is an electronic device that is installed on the headstone of the loved one that has passed. Once you have taken the time to look over our information, it is time to locate your local monument/memorial business. If your loved one has recently passed you are probably already familiar with that location. The Memo-Roc device has several mounting options, so even if your loved one departed years ago, you still have the opportunity to pay tribute to their life by selecting either a face mount or top mount for your device.

Let the memories of your loved ones live on forever with a digital headstone from Memo-Roc. Our video memorial tributes are a beautiful way to keep your loved ones’ cherished memories alive. If you’ve been searching for a thoughtful way to pay tribute to the loved one who’s passed, read on to find out more about our digital headstones.

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What Is A Digital Headstone?


A digital headstone is created by having one of our Memo-Roc units installed at the headstone or memorial you wish to honor. Even if your loved one passed some time ago, you could still pay tribute by purchasing one of our face or top mounts. We also have inserted mounts, as well. It’s a loving way to show the world the life your loved one lived instead of just displaying a name and number.


Standard headstones rarely pay honor to the life of your loved one. A mere name with the period that they existed on earth doesn’t pay proper tribute to them. With Memo-Roc, you can share the person you loved with the world by displaying pictures of the moments that made them who they were. Memo-Roc helps you create a living memorial built upon the memories and moments of the past.

Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts.  Celebrating the lives of those no longer with us.